Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I view the session recordings?

Breakout session "hallways" can be entered by clicking the appropriate box on the conference home page. Clicking on the box will take you to a listing of all breakout sessions offered in that schedule block. After the conference, If a recording for that session is available, the blue box will say "View Recorded Content" and you can click there to be taken to the video. Unfortunately, we were not able to record every session. 

Breakout Sessions

How are the breakout sessions organized. 

Each session block contains multiple excellent courses designed to engage, empower and inspire attendees. We have organized four modules of courses that all center around our central theme "Finding Your Superpower." Our modules are as follows:


Sharing Your Superpower

Target Audience: Everyone

Social Media has become the way people connect. Learn strategies, tips and practical tools that can help you recruit and engage volunteers utilizing Social Media and digital marketing methods. 

Building Super Teams

Target Audience: Everyone

Volunteerism demographics show a significant participation gap. As we look to the future, we know that building and serving on teams that are diverse, inclusive and resilient is vital to our missions and our abilities to provide service to our communities. 


Finding Your Leadership Superpower

Target Audience: Volunteer Managers and Volunteer Leaders

Service organizations spend a tremendous amount of resources to ensure that their volunteers have a good experience as they share their time and talents. In this module, presenters will offer volunteers guidance on how to take charge of their own service experience and find their superpowers. 

The Next Generation

Target Audience: Youth Leaders and Students

Volunteering as a student or young adult brings a unique set of challenges. In this module, we will offer service strategies and support to young volunteers and youth leaders.

Professional Development Certificates?

 If you completed at least three courses from a module ON CONFERENCE DAY, you can click HERE to request a certificate of completion. 

Can I get a certificate even if I didn't complete three courses in a single module?

Absolutely! Every conference participant will receive an email with a survey to share with us your thoughts on the virtual conference experience. Everyone who completes a conference survey will receive a certificate of attendance. Also - the first 25 attendees to complete their survey will receive a swag bag in the mail. That survey can be accessed HERE after the conference. 


What if I want more information about a speaker or presenter?

Speaker/Presenter information is available by clicking HERE.